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1998 Surf Pics & journal entries below

Surf Stoked in Hawaii

My brother Rich and I love to surf. I put my very amateur web site here to share our surfing pictures and our passion for the sport/lifestyle, with friends. No "borrowed" photos here (the animated stickman surfer is used with permission. . . I think). The pictures are done with those throw-away waterproof cameras. The shots are taken in the water by myself, Rich and our surfing friends. The top link will take you to the most recent pictures.

Dec. 29, '98
Dec. 23, '98
Dec. 17, '98
Dec. 13, '98
Dec. 10, '98
Nov. 11, '98
Nov. 1, '98
Oct. 24 & 25 '98
Oct. 18, '98
Sept. 27 & 29, '98
Sept. 20, '98
Sept. 6, '98 (Video clips, EXTRA long to load)
August 29, '98
August 28, '98
August 23, '98
August 16, '98
August 2, '98
July 7, '98
Previous "Professional" water shots (uh huh)
Rich Surfs Indo

Bud's Ancient Surf History
A Journal of Surf Sessions

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