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Short board Surfing Hawaii

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Sunday Morning, Sept. 6, 1998 Somewhere off Oahu's South Shore

Neal, stoked

Jimmy, on the nose

Makani, hard off the bottom

Mo, squeezin' in


Photo Session shot from the U.S.S Jimmy

Small, mushy surf. But. . . we were the only ones out & we ended up having a blast. Oil-slick conditions, a video camera, and "skurfing" behind Jimmy's boat made for a memorable session with friends.

Video frame grabs, shot from Jimmy's boat in the channel


More Animated Clips:

1.Bud off the top

2.Neal, throwing a curtain

3.Makani surfing his longboard like a 6'6"

4.Jimmy, slashing

5.Mo, snapping




9.Wade, flying everywhere

Wade, scores another set

Neal "you looking at me, punk?" Miyake

Makani, big board, big turn on glass & under heavy clouds