Saturday, October 24, 1998

Laniakea, North Shore Oahu

Me & Rich scored some juice on this day, way over
double-o. Kinda hairy taking the camera out. Most of
the shots were too far away for the disposable camera.

See my report on this session

Sunday, October 25, 1998

Laniakea, North Shore Oahu

Bud, Rich, Neal & Makani hit Laniakea at dawn.
Some bombers sets still coming through. Not many of
the photos came out. Bud Snaps a brand new 6'9" in half
after getting launched on a late take off.

See my report on this session

That speck on this monster outside set is brother Rich!!

Bud.. air drop. . . did he pull it off??....Yes!

Bud, off the bottom on a set

Rich, snags a set (the other dude turned around on the inside & tried to snake it)

Rich gets the photo of the day. . . wow, check out that wall!

Shot of Neal taken a few seconds after he made a heavy drop

Ben Aipa lays out a wicked bottom turn

Great waves, great conditions

....What's left of my brand new 6'9" gun.....